My most unpleasant race to date: Aberfeldy 2015

A very calm Loch Tay, before the swim

Triathlon is a hobby, for me and many others who will never make a career out of it.  A leisure-time pursuit undertaken for pleasure.  Some people think that our hobby doesn’t sound very pleasurable.  During this year’s Aberfeldy Middle Distance tri I started to see their point.  It was an unpleasant struggle and made me question continuously what I was doing it for.  Why was I continuing to cycle when I was whole-body shivering and couldn’t work out whether my fingers were frozen solid or just stuck together with energy gel?  Why was I continuing to run towards the turnaround point knowing that every step took me further from Aberfeldy – the nearest cuppa and hot shower – while my Achilles ached, my feet were prickling with pins and needles and my spirits flagged?  Why was I doing this ‘for fun’ in my spare time?  I had no answers. Continue reading “My most unpleasant race to date: Aberfeldy 2015”


Race Report: Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon 2013

In the week before the race I intended to write a short blog post about how I thought I could have prepared differently for the event, without the benefit of post-race hindsight.  Then I’d reassess after the race and see if I was correct, or was worrying about nothing or about the wrong things.  It would have been so neat, but I never got round to it (such an amateur blogger).

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Week Eleven: virtual 10K

This week I competed in a 10K race with 4349 other people, even though I was running alone, and could pick my own route and start time.  Most of my competitors weren’t even in the same country as me.  This was a new experience for me, and a good one.  Before explaining how it worked I need to introduce you to my favourite bit of running/cycling geekery: the mobile phone app Strava.  It’s not an exaggeration: this app has revolutionised my training, and has really motivated me.  The app uses the phone’s GPS to record speed and distance during my runs and cycles: while there are other apps that do this I’ve never found one that works as well as Strava.

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