Red Bull Neptune Steps

I’m on a climbing wall, but I’m fully clad in neoprene.  I swam to the bottom of the wall in bracing 7°c water that took my breath away, but I’m still struggling to catch my breath because there’s water pouring down on me from above.  Although I can’t feel my numb hands I’m trying to ascend the wall, but the competitor below me has her hand where I want to put my foot.  I know that when I reach the top of the wall I’ll have to dive into the cold water on the other side.  Is this some crazy cheese-fuelled nightmare?  If not, how on earth did I get here? Continue reading “Red Bull Neptune Steps”


Adventures in protein shakes

One of the ways I wanted to train differently in 2015 was to eat better.  My in-race nutrition strategy was now OK, after 2014’s run-ins with the demon sweetener sucralose (don’t ask), and learning to rely on High5 (sucralose-free) energy, mineral and hydration sources.  But I suspected I could probably ‘eat smarter’ during training, to the benefit of my racing.  And as a veggie I suspected I wasn’t getting enough protein in particular.  Don’t get me wrong, I love tofu (and if you don’t you must be doing it wrong!) and Quorn/beans/lentils, but I get lazy.  Protein is needed for muscle maintenance, growth and repair, so without an adequate supply some of the training I was doing to strengthen my muscles would be wasted.  And why would I want to waste training?!!

Enter the protein shake!   Continue reading “Adventures in protein shakes”