The highs and lows of Alpe d’Huez long distance triathlon 2018

Two days after completing the 2018 Alpe d’Huez long distance triathlon in August I started writing this blog post.  But my emotions were still too raw for me to make much progress.  Parts of me were also too raw, but the less said about that the better.

The Canadian pro triathlete Lionel Sanders talked about the wisdom of applying a 72-hour rule before getting too analytical about races, before going on to emotionally dissect his disappointing Kona 2018 performance after 48 (video here).  Now I’ve just made it past 72 *days* I think I’m finally ready to analyse how this race went.  Here goes…

Alpe d’Huez tri was my Kona.  The race I’d been targeting all year, and sacrificed time, money, lie-ins, etc. to be ready for.  Continue reading “The highs and lows of Alpe d’Huez long distance triathlon 2018”


Week Two: Getting back on the horse

Week two didn’t live up to the high ideals of the training plan. I now realise this was inevitable, but it took me a while to get my head round that. And to go a bit easier on myself about the implications of the setback.

Physically I had a lot of bruising on my legs, and my shoulders and neck had a permanent stiffness that wouldn’t go away. But I felt surprisingly OK when running and swimming, so thought I could keep these up as planned even if I didn’t have a bike to train on. My ankles felt a little tender – they must’ve got a jolt when my bike shoes were ripped out of the pedals during the crash – but they soon got back into stride. Continue reading “Week Two: Getting back on the horse”