Lessons from an accident

An article I’ve just written for Edinburgh Triathletes fab newsletter TriBull:

I had a bike accident whilst training in April (yeah, yeah, yeah, doesn’t she go on?).  In short a driver pulled out of a junction without seeing me so I hit her at speed, with the end result that my bike sheared into three pieces at the handlebars and forks, but I was fortunately just left with mild whiplash.  If you’re interested in the full story it’s on my blog here but I just wanted to write a few notes about things I’ve learnt from the experience, in case this is helpful for others. Continue reading “Lessons from an accident”


Week Two: Getting back on the horse

Week two didn’t live up to the high ideals of the training plan. I now realise this was inevitable, but it took me a while to get my head round that. And to go a bit easier on myself about the implications of the setback.

Physically I had a lot of bruising on my legs, and my shoulders and neck had a permanent stiffness that wouldn’t go away. But I felt surprisingly OK when running and swimming, so thought I could keep these up as planned even if I didn’t have a bike to train on. My ankles felt a little tender – they must’ve got a jolt when my bike shoes were ripped out of the pedals during the crash – but they soon got back into stride. Continue reading “Week Two: Getting back on the horse”