What a season: 6 firsts in 6 triathlons!

I started this year just being chuffed to have qualified for the European Championships, determined to do myself proud.  So from January I trained my arse off (literally, someone pointed out), and amazed myself with an overall first in Trowbridge’s Big T Standard Tri in early May (my first ever triathlon win), and then winning my age group at the European Championships later that month.  This was shaping up to be an awesome year!

trowbridge  photo 5

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Castles Challenge: what a race!

My first triathlon podium – and when I realised I might be quite good at middle distance – was provided by the Castles Challenge race in Bamburgh in 2014. Almost a year to the day after this (26th July 2015) I returned to the scene to see if I could ascend the podium from last year’s 3rd place.   In my favour was the fact that my training had been better, and I had some good confidence-boosting results behind me.  But going against me was the fact that the swim was unlikely to be as wrong (as long) as last year, and that I’d taken advice to treat this as a training day rather than an important race (so that I’d be in better shape for the Scottish Championships in Aberfeldy three weeks later).  This meant I hadn’t ‘tapered’ my training off, so I wasn’t as well rested as I could have been (e.g., I’d swum a hard 4 km set two days earlier).  
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Race Report: Castles Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon (27 July 2014)

Hello there blogosphere, it’s been a while!  Almost a year since I wrote about my first middle distance tri – Aberfeldy 2013.  I enjoyed Aberfeldy so much that I concluded that the middle distance tri (aka half ironman) really suited me: I decided to concentrate on this distance in 2014, so I entered two.  My first was on July 27th – the Castles Challenge in the beautiful setting of Bamburgh, Northumberland – and the second will be Aberfeldy again, on August 17th.  So, here I’ll recap on my training and report on the Bamburgh race. Continue reading “Race Report: Castles Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon (27 July 2014)”