You never regret a run?

A friend once said to me “You never regret a run”.  I disagreed.  I’ve too literal a mind for such sweeping generalisations.  True, I’ve not regretted any run I’ve been on to date, but I would probably a regret a run if I fell and broke a leg.  Or at least would regret the part where I didn’t see that rabbit hole. Continue reading “You never regret a run?”


Week Eleven: virtual 10K

This week I competed in a 10K race with 4349 other people, even though I was running alone, and could pick my own route and start time.  Most of my competitors weren’t even in the same country as me.  This was a new experience for me, and a good one.  Before explaining how it worked I need to introduce you to my favourite bit of running/cycling geekery: the mobile phone app Strava.  It’s not an exaggeration: this app has revolutionised my training, and has really motivated me.  The app uses the phone’s GPS to record speed and distance during my runs and cycles: while there are other apps that do this I’ve never found one that works as well as Strava.

So why is it so good?   Continue reading “Week Eleven: virtual 10K”

Weeks Six and Seven: Diversions & MSF

In the week after the Etape my legs weren’t up to doing very much at all.  They weren’t sore really, just seemed to have no power.  Trying some laps of Arthur’s Seat on my bike I really struggled on the hills.  So I listened to my body and took it easy for a bit.

photo (7)

Which gave me some time to invest in the latest claim on my time: my new allotment!  I had just been thinking about how I was going to incorporate some weight training into my schedule, as I’m not a member of a gym, when along came this perfect opportunity in early May: digging over a 20 by 10 m plot covered in weeds!   Continue reading “Weeks Six and Seven: Diversions & MSF”

Week Five: Étape!

With only a week to go the Étape Caledonia race I’d not managed to get out on my new bike, Ricky.  So I headed out for a 55-miler with my friend Neill (and his newly-built bike Pinky).  It was a great ride but I discovered that Ricky’s beautiful, lean white saddle was a bit of a crippler.  Comfort had to take precedent over looks for the forthcoming 81-miler, so I swapped it for the black saddle from my old (dead) bike, Doreen.  I also needed Compeed blister plasters on my butt (nice), in addition to the usual nappy-like cycling shorts.  Oh well, good to find out these things before the event I guess. Continue reading “Week Five: Étape!”