Lessons from an accident

An article I’ve just written for Edinburgh Triathletes fab newsletter TriBull:

I had a bike accident whilst training in April (yeah, yeah, yeah, doesn’t she go on?).  In short a driver pulled out of a junction without seeing me so I hit her at speed, with the end result that my bike sheared into three pieces at the handlebars and forks, but I was fortunately just left with mild whiplash.  If you’re interested in the full story it’s on my blog here but I just wanted to write a few notes about things I’ve learnt from the experience, in case this is helpful for others. Continue reading “Lessons from an accident”


Week One: Abrupt ending

I had planned a 20 mile cycle out and back along the coast road along the Firth of Forth.  The weather was great and I was tempted to go further to soak up the sun’s rays and the great views, but reminded myself to take it easy.  My bike – ‘Doreen’, a Specialized Allez Sport purchased in 2010 – and I were getting on really well, and I felt really positive about my training, and life in general.  It was on this ride that I came up with the idea of blogging about my training, because I have masses of random musings whilst out on the bike, and I thought it would make sense to give them an outlet.  I thought this might also help clear out my muddled brain to make some room for the important things I keep forgetting! Continue reading “Week One: Abrupt ending”