Triathlon love rekindled! (plus some bling)

Ahh, after Aberfeldy’s unpleasantness two weeks ago normal service has been resumed as I totally loved the Haddington Sprint Triathlon today.  Phew.  Sprint triathlons – a wee 750 m swim, 20 k bike and 5 k run – are much shorter than I’ve been training for, so I didn’t put much pressure on myself.  It was an end-of-season blast.

The swim was hard (12:02), the cycle was fast (35:23), and I felt really strong on the run (20:50).  Apart from when I accidentally took on a tree, and the tree won.  I finished in 1:09:38: a full 11 minutes quicker than my 2013 time on the same course (~1 min faster swim, ~7 min faster bike, and ~2 min faster run).  I thoroughly loved the race, and was overjoyed with that result.  And then I found out I was first female overall!  A good day out.  Triathlon: all is forgiven.


photo (8)


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