You never regret a run?

A friend once said to me “You never regret a run”.  I disagreed.  I’ve too literal a mind for such sweeping generalisations.  True, I’ve not regretted any run I’ve been on to date, but I would probably a regret a run if I fell and broke a leg.  Or at least would regret the part where I didn’t see that rabbit hole.

Recently I’ve had a few days where I’ve regretted not training.  I’m in the training doldrums.  I’ve been training hard since January, my last middle distance race is in sight (11 days and counting) and motivation levels are at a low.  I’ve lost count of the times where my alarm has gone off early for a training session, but I’ve managed to convince myself to stay in bed.  Not the stuff that champions are made of!

Today was nearly one of those days.  But the guilt of missing training yesterday spurred me on and I dragged myself out for 2 laps of Arthur’s Seat – our amazing playground in the heart of Edinburgh. 3925962331_a093242b99_b

I grumbled for the first half a lap, but then after some cheery interactions with fellow runners my spirits lifted.  One guy even gave me a fist pump as if I was just finishing a race.  That made me beam.  I had great views of the sea (Firth of Forth), the Pentland hills, Edinburgh and East Lothian, as well as seeing some rabbits (fortunately I avoided the rabbit holes), ducks, and squirrels, so I was mightily glad I had ventured out this morning.  I’m definitely going to be in a better place mentally today than if I hadn’t gone running.

You never regret a run*.

(*Conditions apply. See terms and conditions for details)


2 thoughts on “You never regret a run?

  1. bethanm

    I’ve regretted two in the past 7 days when I have known deep down I shouldn’t be running due to a calf strain. Just thought I’d ‘test’ it though. Back with my ice and compression sock now though! Generally though I agree!!! Keep up the hard work Liz, you are on the home straight now.

  2. Derekji

    You should absolutely never use absolutes. Therefore you can never say ‘never’. So that’s cleared that up then; as the statisticians amongst us know, it’s a diminishing return to try to get to The End. However, you seldom, if ever, regret getting out there and doing something, whatever that may be. Get Out, commit, stay strong. (Lindsay Sharp). I couldn’t have put it better.

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